My SB200 v2

Dutch cleanser, looks 10x better. Really happy for this look. Thinking of having front panel re-done by a pro.. with stock pain and silkscreen.

panel almost off. the back side looks better than the front, LOL. as expected. like we said in the Navy, if underwear dirty? reverse them and wear one more day?, yes, sailor jokes never leave my sick mind....

RF Tube and tune section. looks good after 50 long years. Im blessed.

meter disconnected now. panel off.

bottom of 2kv PS and the ground horror section, all easy fixes. and done, see next frame. I moved both these grounds off the weak silly phenolic studs. to rear steel grounds.(bolts of steel)

There are 2 very bad stock grounds cured here. The added stud G1 for green line ground and what I call the "G2/3" ground for the 2 transformer secondary grounds, are no good I moved those to the transfomer stud seen on the left here. G1/2/3 are in my new schematic, by name.

top of 2kv power supply , now attic fodder.

Dismounting all this.

2 jacks need to be corrected, BNC for Ant.Relay. and SO239 on RF input

Top of old PS. and 2 red mains breakers CB's

the new PS card, checking fit before commit.

new BNC jack and washer to hide ugly slots

A.C power strip after ground mod. and new JACK this jack will get 3 parts there, the stock cap, my new TranSorb, my GDS ,gas discharge device. to protect my ICOM from in-coming artilllary.

the so called SOFTKEY, more mods by me, i dont trust it.

new softkey 2 pin strip, see org/org blk, resistor , there. Also those 2 , 50 year old caps are history, all electrolytics , replaced using TOP MAKERS. never ever china POS C4 caps. Nichicon, rings true and best.

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