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My Ham Radio Shack.   

Site Index: (  most are now mint like condition)

  1. My Heathkit SB200 PA project rebuild page:  Plus my ALC mod. board, the SK201 . I got it to work with ALC on the SB401 ! and my ICOM IC-7200,
  2. Now the Kenwood TL-922 PA, with less mods. (ALC(mine) + SOFTKEY(mine) +SOFTSTART(mine) T2 protect fix. (mine means my designs and shared free $)
  3. The Heathkit TUBE (De Forset) SB401 Transmitter project rebuild page  , (+ MIC mod and line filter mod.) 
  4. The Heathkit SB300 Receiver + restoration.
  5. A Heathkit SB104 Solid State Transceiver 100watt,  project done.
  6. Microphone mods.( Phantom power and the super good sounding Electret) done to  SB401.
  7. How to restore old scopes, 3 examples. ( I even got the NVRAM battery replaced too in my digital TEK scope and full autocalibrate done)
  8. Antenna analyser tests.
  9. I got Gas in my  tubes? (or how not to get killed working on HV gear and the chicken stick cure.)
  10. My tube tester page , 1945 to 1980 Hickok and B&K
  11. I spend most my time now making my own PanAdapters.  (using SDR methods) more later on this. (and making it safe for  near field TX energy levels (double shielded and  a TX relay)
A collection of old and newer radios,  Icom-7200, SB410 (solid state) then SB300/SB401 series hollow state.. All my old gear works ! (like new in fact)
Kenwood TL922, IC-R70, The Pulstar ATK2D is a real nice tuner.  I found the kenwood in near mint condition.

Antenna's G5RV up high 14 foot to my feet and 16' more for 35foot apex. The pulley and rope allows easy service to diPole.

The Roof Slope is 1/1(rise/run)   45 degree's  steep.  

The vertical antenna the ZERO FIVE 33 foot slide show putting it up.
Rugged, looks good, less angry neighbors,  no guys,    Buy it here.

Very  few  random Balun's work right, but  this one will.
The upper core (Toroid) is The 4:1 transfomer, and that lower one is 1:1 and blocks all RF off the outer skin of my long COAX. 
I am doing all things posssible to prevent the feed line from radiating RF....
We (I asked the maker)  Modified from OCF to "T" terminals. ( maker  Balun designs 4116ocf  did it for me.)  below is stock photo, commented in Red.

Performance is great. (need to block common mode currents , so the 4116T is best for sure.)

Favorite books and links:

Arcing can happen.
One great quote ," all tubes have gas if you get the plate voltage high enough , way beyond allowed on the data sheet."
The fact is the getter in the tube, eats gas every day, until the getter is now consumed. ( the glass in the tube is special to not let gas past the atoms of glass  !  not trivial this at all.)

  (Any transmitter PA can arc over inside, see how and why here,,,W8JI) 

  Check for  parasitic oscillations with a scope or grid dip meter .

If you run the tuner into a dead open feed line or  antenna , the tuner my arc over. (QSL MAG)

See my page on   TUBE (gas) can be caused by   POOR TUNING too....  (due to voltages out of control)

Before using any tuner , please read this and the great warnings there .  (by: BARNES, DAVE J, WB4KDI , Thanks! Dave )

One of the best BALUN pages in the web,  and coverage on pro/cons of materials and methods!

Just as good or better Rick Westerman

My most loved book of all, is out of print now,  It is one of the best ever, is "Experiment methods in RF DESIGN" top author in list , Wes Hayward  W7ZOI, ISBN: 0-87259-879-9 or ARRL #8799
(what a treasure , that book !) and all ARRL books !

One of the first hollow state devices, called tubes (valves) used were for telephone repeaters seen here. All elements in view clearly. Telephone trunk line amplifiers.

Version 12:   11-13-2016, passed my Extra Class test, today... hooo hooo.     \_(ツ)_/ 


version 1.  7-21-2016  (first) My Journal.