Old Heathkit Catalog Winter 1969 (excepts) (and 2 schematics)

A Flash back to Winter 1969   
(I was in Viet Nam then...and ET2 tech then...)  (The SB301 is $2,319.  in todays deflated dollars )  I do miss that great company even today. (I even built their TV kits, 100hr build times...)

The Ham back then wanted a Collins Sline, 75S-1,2,3 receivers.   (S1 $500+  new,  S3 $700 new.)  a 1-2 months pay for me in 1967 before taxes. @$3.50 /hr.
Even Collins rigs today  sell for upwards of $500 to over $2000 each,  pretty pricey for 5 decade old gear no?, that is because man hams love this rig and will pay for Collin quality.

Keep in mind Collins sold lots of radios and transmitters to the Navy. (I worked on many even R390s and URC's) So they know radios, very well. Not just from the consumer angles.

I wish I had and S3 Collins, and one SB101 now. ( I is a life long search, and will not buy one that is basket case at those prices)

The SB301 uses a 6BZ6 RF front end tube, that is way better than the 6AU6., The BZ6 has 2 times the transconductance gain of the AU6.
The 6BZ6 can be at 8000uMho's up top to 10,000 by adjusting the cathode(K) resistor from 150 to 56 homes (experimentally) << in the interest of rural DX'ing (RF gain UP)
Unlike the SB101 these 3 below needs no external power supply (big , heavy box and heavy cables and many now are rare to find)

If you want to buy  a vintage (Tube rig, this is the best one based on price alone) And all in one TRANSCIEVER  SB-101

The HW series,
uses cheap crude and unreliable (IMO) tuner, LFO.  This saved the buyer a whopping $20, see proof below. But needs and external power supply is it useless. (add up all parts you need first, then see if you saved cash)
HW jokingly is Hot Water series, I bet it means Hand wired, 100%  as the LFO below is Hand wired and not made by TRW (factory tuned and all like the above.)
The SB line TRW tuner is low drift tuner, it has factory selected parts to prevent and reduce frequency drift as good as possible then. (a major feature then, until SB104 was born 100% sold-state)
The LFO is a FET below but can't drive tubes so they added a tube to make the FET work, kinda self defeating the purpose of  FET (less tubes). (my guess is the FET has less noise with gain at max)
There are plenty of mod's on this rig , to make it run better (and new drive belts, omg belts and o-rings)  Before buying one of these HW read up on all the work it takes to get it stable... first... 
The HW101 was released Winter 1970 and ran to 1983, (30k sold?) Last tube rig (Heath) and very popular then not now.  
Keep in mind you can't smell a radio on Fleabay. ( nasty has no limits , trust me) (get close in photos or pass)

Almost 52 year old pages above.

If doing your own work on TUBE RIGS, be sure  to use  the chicken stick.
This is no super safe 12vdc solid state RIG, no, not at all. ( even take  class on how to work in high voltage gear)  Safety first, always.
I am a solid state guy, (and tech) but I love tubes too,  well in fact , I LOVE IT ALL. (even hybrids or homegrown(brew) rigs , antenna's,etc, )  GOOD LUCK TO YOU !
For me tubes ended when I left  the USN, US Navy with DD214 in hand, but not now.

My Schematics,  with edits. (some I had to glue together to get one large clear print) Some here I show how the DC power sneaks through those tricky wafer switches, case in point, the plate of the RF front end 6BZ6.

See my super SB300 good schematic here,(HiRes + color)

SB401 schematic. ( in color with voltages , revised and errors corrected )

SB101 (from Russia)
(super clear print here)


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