HV safety 101  Call sign: K5jxh        

Never work distracted, drunk or tired.
Do not let kids play near buy or other that act like kids. (best is to have one adult near by to help you if you cry for help)

  1. The voltages inside the PA and even some radios are fully 100% lethal, zero 2nd changes, ever if touched. (even 600vdc is super dangerous)
  2. The RIG must be powered off and AC remove from the Chassis via the power cord unplugged , wait for the PA, HV panel meter goes to 0volts.  (keep the case grounded, via the case ground seen on the rear.)
  3. Open the case to the point you need access.
  4. Then USE of  CHICKEN stick is manditory, do not just trust safety interlocks to save you  from death, but do use the grounding stick.
  5. If you  are  trained HV tech, you need special HV meters and test leads to test anything this lethal, per below.
  6. We connect the meter to the node you wish to test after step 4 and then set the meters ranges correctly and for sure using 3000v rated test leads, never less. (never use 600v tools to work real HV)
  7. Next we keep hands in our pockets and with one hand turn on the PA (radio etc) and that hand back in the pockets and view the meter,.  then hand turn off the power switch.
  8. Never touch any live radio when it is on.  (only the power button, and it alone) and never the insides. Never work on a PA with the rear chassis ground lug not wired to the test beach safety power ground rail bar.
  9. To move a meter to the next node under test, repeat all the above.

version 1.  1-01-2019