Zero_Five Antenna 33ft.

extra slack for my new Array Solutions AS-303U lightening supressor. GDT+

it's up and works great. The tilt up is super easy one guy job.

under soffets, out of direct rain, and with 23' ft ground. if later I get more lightening paranoid (well it';s normal) I mightrun the sky window line way longer and to the far corner of house and down the fence post to the ground stake there. The only issue with that, is not landing on the 1/2 wave feed length , avoidance rules. (3 bands)

this is on order and is next to go from my Balun output to my attic antenna swtich bank. URL:

My so called flying corner whip, is here, I made a whip from a chimeny brush rod, then with NPT pipe fittings made a nice mount, then later still added a 1/2 black poly pipe over then end making the rod 2 foot longer, that way my feed line is closer to 90degree to the Dipole antenna. Hope my steps here help others,... so far no nighbors mad, but I do free repairs in the hood, so,... (retired and giving back to my neigbors...)

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